Light My Fire - A Knitted Tea Light Holder DIY


A Knitted Tea Light Holder


Here's a simple idea to use your knitting skills to create a delightful tea light holder.

The amount of yarn is minimal! 

The simple instructions are:

Knit an icord  that will wrap around your tea light. Secure the end with a long tail, and sew together to form a circle. Place the tea light inside your icord holder and glue to a sturdy surface for your tealight to rest on. Wait 5 minutes for the glue to set, then remove the tea light. The tea light is there to get the yarn the correct size, but you don't want it to stick! If removed now, you can refill with fresh tealights whenever needed.

The icord should be formed in a nice circle that you can place a tea-light candle in. Allow the glue to thoroughly dry. Enjoy your new tea light holder!

For the picture in this post:

I selected a tile sample - this is called "Nano Glass" and is about 5" square. To the back I glued a piece of repurposed leather. Then I did a crackle faux-gold leaf finish to the sides. I glued some yarn around the edges in a random pattern.

Finally, I trimmed the leather that created an overhang.

This is the perfect housewarming gift! I'll be sending it USPS Priority mail in a flat-rate box, with lots of bubble wrap and well wishes tucked inside. 

Just because COVID is impacting our lives does not mean we should stop being creative or reaching out with positivity towards others. A homemade card sent in the mail, an email, a phone call or sending a gift are so important in these uncertain times. Do not doubt if your reaching out will be welcomed or appreciated. Be creative and look for opportunities to encourage others with your handiwork!


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