Crochet a Pillow Cover


Free crochet pattern pillow cover

This pillow cover is simple and works up quickly. Just used a vintage pattern booklet for the crochet puff stitch:

Materials: Bulky yarn, about 200 Yards for a 20" pillow. I used Drops Eskimo.

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Pattern: Insert hook in 4th chain from hook. Make 3 double crochet *in next stitch, wrap, pull yarn through, wrap, take off 2 loops, wrap, put hook back into 2nd of the first 3 double crochets made (bottom, as if you were re-working that stitch), pull yarn through until it is the same length as the other stitches, wrap, put hook back into same place, pull yarn through (6 loops are now on the hook), wrap, take off all loops. Make 3 dc. Repeat from *

The rest is simply dc and sc in back loop with wrong side facing:

Pillow Cover:

Make chain long 20" for a 20x20" pillow that is divisible by 4, plus 2.

Row 1: Pattern (right side)

Row 2: sc in back loop 

Row 3: Pattern

Row 4: sc in back loop

Row 5-6: dc

Repeat rows 1 - 6. End 2 dc.

Continue until length desired, in this case 18". I decided to leave a short border to show the pillow cover at the top and bottom. I steam blocked the piece and then sewed it to a velveteen pillow cover:

Crochet a pillow cover - instruction, supplies
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You could also make two, sew 3 sides together and place your pillow insert inside, then sew up the final seam.

Pillow covers make a wonderful housewarming gift and are quick to make. This also makes a great gift for selling. You do not need a lot of yarn and can use the project to sample new stitch patterns.


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