Cheerful Baby Bonnet - A Knitter's Recipe


This Cheerful Baby Bonnet is rather easy to reproduce. Here is the method I used to create it, try it for yourself with your choice of yarn, needles and stitch pattern!

Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted, 1 skein
Needles: 16" Circular US Sz 5 and size 3

The bonnet was worked flat, beginning with the ribbing that frames the baby's face until I came to the back, where stitches were joined to work in the round and reduce similar to the crown shaping of a hat. The next step was to create the i-cord tie on one side of the chin, then work ribbing along the bottom of the bonnet and finish up with the i-cord tie on the second side. Easily done!

I cast on 65 stitches, planning for using a 7 stitch repeat 9 times (knit 6, purl 1 for a total of 63 stitches) plus two edge stitches, at the beginning and end, always knit. I began the bonnet with a simple k1 p1 rib. This was continued for about two and a half inches. The pattern was reversed on the wrong side rows to be p6 k1.

The next step was to work the main portion of the bonnet in the k6 p1 repeat. You will notice from the photo this repeat is offset by one stitch on each row, creating a spiral pattern. This was continued for another five inches or so. Once the back of the head was reached, 19 stitches were cast on and the work joined, eliminating the two edge stitches. The piece was then worked in the round and decreases begun rather quickly. I used a decrease before and after the purl stitches. The spiral pattern did not reduce perfectly with this method and if done again, I eliminate the pattern and work the back in stockinette only.

Having reduced the back sufficiently, I cut the yarn and threaded it through the remaining few stitches, pulling tightly and weaving in the ends on the inside of the bonnet.

Next, I began an i-cord. Once the i-cord was long enough to be tied beneath the baby's chin, (one string of the two required), I attached it to the bonnet on one side, past the ribbing at the point where the pattern began.

I picked up stitches all along the bottom of the bonnet to the other side where the pattern ended and ribbing began. Next, I worked k2 p2 rib for about 2 rows, then switched to the smaller needles for about 3 rows, then back to the larger needles for another row or two. I bound off the ribbing to bring me to the side of the bonnet needing an i-cord tie.

I picked up two stiches and created the second i-cord tie. I worked this i-cord slightly longer than the other, to allow some extra length to make a bow.



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