A Vintage Baby Bonnet to Knit

The bonnet knit above was based on This Free Pattern from the National Library of Australia. When I started to do the actual knitting,  I needed to modify the instructions a bit (my version is below). The bonnet was knit for a charity effort.

My version of this pattern:
Vintage 1953 Reproduction Baby Bonnet
4 ply fingering weight yarn, approx. 150 yards 
US Size 3 needles 
yarn needle
5.5 stitches inch in stockinette stitch
R1 (right side): K1, Make Bobble (MB) = Kb/kf/kb/kf of one stitch. Pass 3 over.* K3, MB repeat from * to end of row.
Rows 2, 4, 6, 8: Purl 
R3, 7: Knit 
R5: *K3, MB. repeat from * to end of row.
Beginning with the face-framing front brim edge, cast on 66 stitches. 
Work in stockinette stitch for 3/4”.
Switch to pattern and knit until piece measure 4 3/4” from start, ending with an even row.
With wrong side of pattern facing, work stockinette stitch until piece measures 9” from beginning.
On beginning of next two rows, bind off 22 stitches. Work remaining 15 stitches in st st for 2”, ending with right side facing.
Decrease Row: K4, K2 tog, K3, ssk, K5 
(This shaping forms a snug fit at the back of the head.) 
Next Row: Purl
Next Decrease Row: k4, k2tog, k1, ssk, k4
Next Row: Purl
Last decrease Row: k3, k2tig, k1, ssk, k3 
9 sts remain
Continue in st st until back flap piece matches side length to see seam together. Approx 4 1/4”. Leave stitches on holder.
To Make Up: 
Gently steam press stockinette sections. Fold under hem for brim, tack in place. Fold back patterned section, folding in half with wrong sides together, sew in place onto stockinette section. 
Sew back seams together.
Pick up and knit 23 sts from one side of bonnet, the nine stitches on the back making one stitch at the center back and pick up 24 stitches from the other side of the bonnet. 56 sts
Work Knit two purl to rib for four rows, next row knit two, purl two together, yarn over. Repeat for the rest of the row. End purl two. 
Work four rows knit two purl two rib, binding off on the last row loosely.
Make knitted cord 24” or use ribbon and thread through eyelets. Block as desired. You're done!


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