Vogue Knitting Live!

This week yarn enthusiasts descend on the New York Marriott Marquis for one of the world’s most exciting yarn industry events of the year: Vogue Knitting Live (VKLive). Now offered around the country, the original show was first held in New York City. This year the anticipation has built as the 10th anniversary is to be celebrated!

Here are some tips on how to make the most of your time at this year's VKLive:

·        Wear comfortable shoes and one of your handmade items. Be sure you are at ease, it will be an active day!
·        Review the schedule and list of marketplace vendors and make a "must see" list for yourself.
·        Set a budget for yourself - the opportunity to overspend is high!
·        Go through your existing yarn and tool supplies well in advance of the show. Make a list of items you are interested in purchasing or learning more about. 

Try index cards or use a reminder app on your phone. I find I tend to work better with two or three index cards in my pocket, and here are my tips. You can use the same ideas for your phone if you like.

Highlight your cards with different colors for each subject. For example, one color for vendors you want to see, another for your schedule, another for items you’d like to purchase, etc. The marketplace is hectic and with the wonderful variety of choices it is easy to get sidetracked.
Here are some ways using index cards can help you stay organized:

·        If you have orphan skeins of yarn you would like to get into a project, cut small samples and tape to an index card to bring with notes on what you want to create, if applicable.
·        If you have patterns you need yarn for, list the yardage required and type of yarn called for and notes about tension, stitch patterns and attributes you want in the finished fabric such as texture, density and drape. If you have an idea of what color family you'd like to use, add that as well.
·        Take a pencil and blank card to jot any notes for reference later. I've used this for things like "visit this store's knit night on Tuesdays".  It helps to have notes instead of merely picking up literature or business cards from a booth and expecting to remember later.
·        Don't rely on your phone alarm to remind you of times for classes or other activities. Commit to memory or jot down your schedule and check the time frequently to stay on track.
·        Decide in advance where and when you will meet your friends if you are to be separated.
·        Bring a snack and small bottle of water. There will be both available, but its nice to have them close by.
·        If you have a business, Etsy shop, Instagram page, or other way you want to connec with t attendees or vendors, come prepared. Bring business cards and perform housekeeping on your website before the show. 

Finally, if you are taking a class and there is homework, be sure and do it and bring it with you. Enjoy the event!


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