Pom Pom Tie-Off and More

Photo by 🇸🇮 Janko Ferlič - @specialdaddy on Unsplash

On trend with the fashion forward winter accessory hat is the jumbo pom pom topper. This tip comes with a video: when creating a pom pom with 100% wool you run the risk of breaking the yarn during tie-off. Learn a simple technique to help prevent that and ensure your pom poms will be durable in this video. 
Some projects call for knitting in the round starting with upwards of two hundred stitches. These are usually sweaters, cardigans to be steeked, skirts or dresses. Recently I began a sweater knit in the round from the waist upwards.  My first attempt at casting on was on the subway during my morning commute.  It did not go very well and only after several rounds did I realize my work was twisted. I ripped it out to try again, this time working at a table from home.  
What I discovered was a simple way to prevent twisting when joining a large number of cast on stitches to work in the round. Simply lay the needles on a flat surface and carefully put all stitches in the correct alignment. Then join and continue knitting with confidence knowing your work has begun properly.  
My second tip is centered on being environmentally friendly. If you are taking the time to create a handmade item, why not go a little bit further and create handmade packaging? This is a great way to up-cycle the packaging from everyday items. Instead of putting in the trash, or even recycling bin, re-use these boxes by transforming them into gift-worthy wrapping. Just carefully open your box to release any glue along the seams. Once you are able to fold the box flat, you can either decorate the inside using with markers, glitter-glue, stickers, colored pencils or whatever suits you. I opted to leave my box plain as the white inside lining has a nice sheen to it. Whether or not you choose to embellish, the next step is to re-fold and re-glue to create a gift box. You may never look at your recyclables the same way again!





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