How to Knit a Double-Thick Hat Brim

Knitting hats is something I enjoy because they are portable and quick to produce. During my commute in and out of New York City I am often listening to music or an audio book and there is a knit or crochet project in my hands. Hats are decided favorite! I usually knit hats on circular needles which is another portability tip. The work stays in place as when you pull the needles forward and place your project inside a bag. This is a great advantage for busy commuting where dropped stitches are easily avoided. Another plus to knitting a hat on the go is the ease of pattern memory. It is possible, of course, to knit a complex color work pattern or some delicate lace or extensive cable features, but on the whole, hat knitting offers memorable repeats and easy to identify stitches. These attributes all make for great knitting on the go!

One technique I developed is to knit a double-thick hat brim. When the weather gets cold and the wind is blustery here in New York and my family and clients appreciate the advantage of a wind-resistant brim. Your ears stay nice and toasty with a double layer of fabric that does not shift around like a fold-up brim is apt to do.

There are different approaches to creating a double-thick brim and my preferred method is, I believe, one of the easiest for knitters of just about any skill level to master. The technique is to knit the hat with about twice the length of brim the pattern calls for, then turn the beginning edge up so it is next to the live stitches. The cast-on edge is joined, one stitch at a time, with the live stitches. After just one round of knitting the brim is double thick and you may complete the hat according to the pattern. 

Many existing patterns could be modified to use this technique, or you can try one of the knitting patterns available on in my Ravelry Store:

Guys Winter Hat

There's a YouTube video tutorial on how to do this hereor you can watch right now:


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