A Knitter's Holiday Plan

The Hudson Hat, a Knitting Pattern  Designed by Wendy Ann Lindquist | WATERKNYT Artisan

On my needles these days are hats, and lots of them!  Autumn crunch-time readily challenges me with numerous pursuits, from Thanksgiving preparations to closet-organizing. I suspect I am not alone in being stretched these days. Yet isn't this a great time of year to make a few holiday gift items? The trick is to keep them manageable.  Here are a few tactics to try that help make the most of your time and talent: 
  • Make a realistic recipient list. Why not start by including those who have never received (or have not in a while) your hand-crafted gifts?
  • Invest time in making items only for people who will truly appreciate them, opting to purchase great gifts for others. 
  • Explore small-scale projects. Face or dish cloths, bookmarks, drink coasters, storage cases (for phone chargers, lipsticks or other small items), flower pins, amigurimi, hats and headbands are all good for time-sensitive projects.
  • Avoid tackling new techniques and difficult stitch work until the majority of your gift items are complete. 
  • Store-bought gifts can be given a personal touch with handmade packaging or cards. You will still employ your creativity minus the long hours of hand knitting or crochet. 
  • If deadlines are approaching, consider a "Custom Gift" order card. 
A custom gift order card lists ideas for your gift recipient to choose from. Pick one or two patterns you think they would love with a selection of yarns. Let them choose the yarn and the pattern and be sure to request their measurements to ensure a perfect fit. 

Custom Gift Order Card graphic

Use your imagination and your creative inspirations will soar! These cards are great for baked goods, suggesting an event such as a concert or movie, and offering to help with things like babysitting, meal prep or other service.   
The best tip for holiday crafting is to have fun and enjoy yourself. Service-minded pursuits that get our focus off ourselves and on to others are a great way to be a vehicle for love. Stay in the positive flow! Put love into each part of whatever you make, knowing that your recipient will be better off because of your kindness! 


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