The Chocolate Lily Hat - New Knitting Pattern!

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The Chocolate Lily hat was created late last year during my fourth quarter push to create hats to sell. Turns out I am still much better at gifting friends, family and colleagues with my knitted creations than offering them at an impromptu pop-up shop  in Manhattan.

The great news is that when I was knitting like a fiend I took copious notes. These are now being translated into patterns, the first of which is here. This pattern is worked in the round in an aran weight wool (that I find is very close to a worsted), and has some saucy colorwork stripes.

What is in the pattern name? One day I plan on moving to a more rural environment, or at least having a cabin to visit during part of the year. One of the locations I'd like to check out is about as far from NYC as you can get: Alaska, specifically Southeast Alaska. This is a beautiful coastal area made up of islands and rain forest. The climate is more akin to Seattle than Siberia. I enjoy reading about Southeast, AK and that is how I learned of the Chocolate Lily. The lovely flower grows in the muskegs, or bogs, and has roots that are edible - supposedly bitter - but nonetheless edible. Perhaps one day I will visit Southeast Alaska and find out for myself.

Are there any readers planning on moving to a different type of area than the one in which they currently reside? Where and why? For me, it is to regularly have the solitude in natural surroundings that feeds my creativity.

If you knit The Chocolate Lily Hat, please share your project photos on Ravelry or social media with the hashtag #waterknyt , I would love to see your work!

Knit and Crochet Happy,
Wendy Ann

Chocolate lily flower


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