Expert Knitting Tips - Ribbing that Lasts!

When you are knitting for others the concern for quality and proper execution come to the forefront, especially when client satisfaction is at stake. That is the way I approach my work as it brings with it the satisfaction of a job well done and no stress about the quality of an item being turned over to a client. An added bonus is my maintaining an eye for improvement is sharpened with each project that comes to successful completion.

One of my current clients has a problem I am able to solve, thanks to some simple considerations for pattern design and the right choice of materials. She wants a hat loose enough to contain her generous natural curls, yet without being too "poofy", and yet still wants the knitted hat to pull in around her face to keep her warm. My solution: A generously sized beret...not quite slouchy but with a large enough expanse in the hat body to accommodate her needs. She never wants her hair to be squished and flat looking when she removes the hat - just a simple shake to restyle and she'll be set. My design will work for these exact needs.

When formulating my pattern design I wanted to make sure the brim is tight enough, and will remain so, for not only the weight of the knitted fabric body (as in a traditional hat) but for the extra pull the weight of her hair will have on the hat over time. Additionally, I wanted to make sure that as she stretches it out to tuck her long hair inside the hat (another client need to account for), it would spring back into shape again and again, even after washing.

The trick is actually a very logical one and I explain it in the video below after finishing the prototype. Tune in for the details, and thank you for watching! Visit my YouTube channel and subscribe for more great videos.

Knit Happy,
Wendy Ann


  1. Excellent idea, just ran into this problem with a hat I just made. Ribbing is very stretchy, more so than I care for.
    Thanks... love your videos.


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