Vintage Crocheted Shawl

A triangular vintage crocheted shawl is one of my current projects. Initially, it was a terrific item to keep in my bag for commuting as the pattern is easy to stop and start whenever needed. These days its size takes up more room than I would like in my bag so I work on it at home. This is another modified version of a pattern found on

The yarn for this particular shawl is a beautiful wool fingering weight  from Lithuania, called LitYarn. I adore the muted tones and long, gradual color changes. The skeins have substantial yardage which is certainly a plus. The wool's feel is sturdy, definitely not over-processed as the lanolin residue, while faint, is still noticeable. I expect this wool to bloom and become more springy after wet blocking the completed piece. The border will be different from the picture with alternating shells, rather than stacked. I have also decided to work in a bright green version of the Lityarn in the border:

Experimenting with color is not as risky as many think. One way to find a good mix is to look up, or look out - right at the natural world. The sky, landscapes and close-up foliage often present some beautiful color mixes and transitions. These can be translated into your fiber arts work with a little planning and lots of smiles. It's only yarn, so any "mistakes" are quite forgiveable, often only a matter of individual preference and certainly able to be redone.

Here is one inspirational photo from a hike in the Ramapo Mountains of New York State that inspired my bright green addition to the shawl border. The deep brown and lively green mixes are certainly lovely!

Let readers know what your favorite color inspirations are in the comments below.

For this project I use a classic aluminum crochet hook "Silvalume" from Susan Bates. This is the crochet hook I come back to again and again, since I was first introduced to crochet as a child.


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