New Knitting Pattern! Clement Hat

The latest pattern release - Clement Hat - is a scrumptious knit that is stretchy to ensure a great fit, features a ribbed stitch pattern for plenty of warmth and can be customized with subdued color work. This is a terrific gift hat for both men and women thanks to the classic silhouette. 

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The name, "Clement Hat", is inspired by that late rags-to-riches businessman and inspirational author, W. Clement Stone. No one gets everything right in life, but I appreciate his commitment to the idea of owning a PMA, or "Positive Mental Attitude".

Some of Stone's sayings worth considering:

"Results are what count."

"Do the right thing because it's right."

"Get into action!"

"Avoid situations, acquaintances, and associates who tend to hold you back."

"Extract the good where you can find it."

"All I want to do is change the world, make it a better place for this and future generations."

"I love all my fellow man. I love every one of you, and it's my sincere prayer that you respond and learn how to help yourself by learning the art of motivation." 

Those are some profitable thoughts, in my opinion.

Getting back to knitting, hats are one of my favorite things to create. Having completed my fair share of them, I find now the work flows pretty easily. Many can be completed in just a few days of spare minutes, often during my commute from Jersey City into Manhattan and back. The variety is endless, yet the basic construction remains consistent. To see a little bit of knitting turning into a finished item quickly definitely rates high. 

One thing I love to use for knitting hats in the round are smooth metal circular needles. A flexible cord, smooth join of cord to needle and tips that are nicely pointed (but not sharp) make for quick work of most classic hats, including the Clement Hat. Let me know what needles you gravitate towards for hat knitting in the comments below.

Here is a link to a needle that is well worth the investment - I've had mine for over ten years - the Addi Turbo Rocket:


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