10 Tips to Make the Most of Vogue Knitting Live

Pictures I took at Vogue Knitting Live NYC in 2014

This year at Vogue Knitting Live will be fantastic! Are you ready? What are you most looking forward to? Whether this is your first time attending or you're a seasoned veteran, here are 10 tips for a great show.

1. Register for a class or lecture.  One aspect of a satisfying life is growth. If you haven't done so already, sign up for a class or lecture and plan to attend with an open mind and a loving heart. You owe it to yourself to continue learning and developing, and what better way than from some of the world's leading instructors, designers and industry specialists?

2. Do the class homework, if there is any. Yes, you do have time to knit your swatch, if that is called for. You do have time to put your supplies together. There may only be a couple of days to go, but you can do it. So do it! Don't miss out on getting and giving the best because you don't have a pen, pencil, scissors, tape measure, needles, yarn, etc. Don't forget your cell phone charger and a snack.

3. Research a bit for your class or lecture in advance. Delve into the topic(s) and also see what you can glean from the net about the course instructor. Familiarizing yourself with the topic and presenter will help you quickly become comfortable with the information right from the start.

4. Set a Goal. Think about all that Vogue Knitting Live has to offer, and set a goal for yourself. What are the "musts" for your time at the event? Do you have to get cool new stitch markers or perhaps some vintage buttons for your latest project? Are you committed to selecting the perfect color fiber for your next project? Perhaps you want to meet some fellow knitters who like to do fair isle colorwork or you want to find out about knitting guilds. Maybe you just want to make sure you don't miss the gallery of Kaffe Fassett's work. Whatever it is, set one or two goals and make them priorities. When the hustle and bustle of the show distracts you, these goals will keep you on track. When you are back home, you'll feel great about accomplishing one of the things you set out to do.

5. Comfortable shoes. If you plan on making the most of this event, you will do quite a bit of walking. Save the heels for another time, unless you are used to standing and walking in them!

6. Go through your stash and supplies. Before arriving at Vogue Knitting Live, give your existing yarn stash, supplies and books a once-over and decide on whether or not you want to add to them. Jot down some qualities you would like to see improve your inventory. Is it a particular color, fiber, weight or wash-ability in yarn? Do you want to purchase a book to be signed by the author? The marketplace can be overwhelming on three levels: the crowds, the breadth of product and the enticements. Having an idea of what's missing at home will help you shop wisely at the show. Bring samples of yarn with you if you would like to match them up with a new purchase for a project, noting how much yardage you will need.

7. Consider your time. This is not a military precision scheduling effort, but rather taking into consideration the time of your class or lecture and the other things you'd like to see and do. While I wholeheartedly would recommend anyone come to the show at the drop of a hat, to make the most of your time investment think ahead. Here is a link to some of the highlights. Here is a link to the show brochure released 1/11/17. Have a game plan to cover one or two items each morning and afternoon. That presents very little pressure to schedule and leaves plenty of time for impromptu happenings.

8. Check out those vendors! The show website has a list of vendors who have invested the time and money into making an industry-standard presentation of their wares. Take some time to visit the websites of these exhibitors and show your support by digging into that piggy bank and bringing enough cash to have some fun!

9. The Neighborhood. For readers who are coming from out of town be aware that the Times Square area is affectionately known as one of the top "tourist traps" in NYC. Prices are a bit higher, hawkers in the square offer all kinds of items for sale and the crowds are usually intense (watch your pocketbook), especially Friday rush hour and during the weekend. If you plan on leaving the hotel for lunch, dinner, sightseeing or shopping, a little bit of advance prep can help you out. Websites such as Opentable offer restaurant reservations, pricing ratings and reviews from customers. If you want to stay near the Marriott Marquis, some nearby neighborhood designations outside of Times Square are "Hell's Kitchen" and "Midtown West" or "Midtown". Many people here prefer Uber to the yellow cabs for pricing and comfort. There are plenty of websites that offer things to do when you are not at the show, here are a few: AM New York, NYC Go, and Time Out New York.

10. Relax. The day before you attend, set aside time just for you to get alone and be still. Find a comfortable place that you can be at peace for a few minutes. You may call it a time of reflection, relaxation, meditation, mindfulness or even prayer. Whatever term you designate for this season of taking an interest in your own self-care, it is an important preparation aspect for an event like Vogue Knitting Live. This exercise can be used for preparation in many areas of life.

The reason it is important is (at least) two fold: Firstly, part of your time should be given to gratitude and thanksgiving. Studies have shown what common sense has revealed all along: thankful hearts are happy hearts! When you come into your place of solitude, perhaps a nice bubble bath or cozy with a cup of tea in a comfortable chair, send thoughts of gratitude for everything about Vogue Knitting Live that has you stoked! Take some moments to send out thoughts of thanks to the many people that make this event happen.

The second part is investing in your emotional and mental preparation for having a great time. Picture your experience getting to, being at, and leaving Vogue Knitting Live. See yourself smile, engage with other happy people and leave knowing it has been time well spent. Visualize how you will feel, what you will hear, even the smells that will make their way into your day. See how all of your time is making you delighted. Embrace that emotion of happiness and well being and in so doing, set an expectation for a joyful time. Take some deep breaths and smile! The anticipation this exercise will bring should keep that smile in your heart and ready to light up your face for the times ahead.

These are 10 Tips to Make the Most of Vogue Knitting Live, it is sure to be a great event!

What are your tips for preparing to make the most of Vogue Knitting Live? Do you have any special preparations to share? What is your favorite part about anticipating this event? Share what you think!


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