10 Reasons to Love Rhinebeck

 The New York State Sheep and Wool Festival, affectionately referred to as "Rhinebeck" by festival goers is an eagerly anticipated event for thousands each year.

Here are 10 reasons off the top of my head as to why one should make every effort to indulge in a visit this year:

1. Community - creative shopkeepers, shepherds, weavers, spinners, knitters, crochet artists, designers and teachers are all out and about to share smiles, knowledge and friendship. The craft community truly is knit together!

Birthdays are not forgotten at Rhinebeck! In 2012 I looked on at the Jamieson & Smith booth as this vendor was gifted with a birthday surprise!

2. Inspiration - Walking the fairgrounds this time of year is lovely, as are the vast array of vendor offerings to dazzle you. Conversations, the view, finished projects and fiber arts supplies are sure to leave an impression on your imagination.

3. Pick up a memento featuring a sheep motif.

4. Stop by Bittersweet Ridge's booth for handmade lavender-laden moisturizing cream (and the wonderfully scented soaps).

5. Learn something new! Up close and personal, watching the trimming of the locks on this guy was definitely enlightening.

6. Llamas out and about are wonderful to bring out your best smile!

7. Every yarn and fiber imaginable, from handspun to rare breeds, from small batch to infamous imports and everything in between!

8. Sheep. Baa baa they are so cute!

(And puppies, and bunnies, too!)

9. Vendors offering more than you will ever need or use make every step, indoors and out, a delight for the senses!

10. There are plenty of activities for family members who do not spin, knit, weave or crochet! Enjoy the delectable food, visit the petting zoo, try one of the cooking classes, watch a sheepdog Frisbee contest or see who wins a one-year lamb competition.

This year's festival takes place Saturday and Sunday, October 19 - 20. If you live in the Metropolitan NYC area there are plenty of yarn shops and groups offering bus trips. You can also take Metro North and then a shuttle bus. 

Hope to see you there!


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