WIP - December 5, 2012

A Frogging Week

The boy's tube socks that were so promising ended up being too narrow around the heel area, so I frogged them and am off to the races again.

Another effort that can be classified as "learning experience" is the colorwork hat. This fair isle piece had me mystified...after making a test swatch (in the round, no less), and washing it, the gauge changed very little. So I calculated for a 23" hat with the washed gauge (the 23" circumference chosen because my design will include knitting a second hat for a lining or to be reversible) and cast on. The calculations were incredibly off - it was so large it could have been a child's sweater! So that one was also frogged and I began again. The nice thing is I believe that once nailed down, this hat will be pleasing, the colors and patterns are the best!

The next seven days will be devoted to reworking these two projects, with success this time, I trust!


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