WIP - December 27, 2012

Time flees by all too quickly for most of us who have passed the pinnacle of our lifetime's allotted years. As 2012 comes to an end I found myself especially productive in knitting gifts and charity items.

Here are the items I was able to complete this past week:

First, a hat for the Warm Hands Network Charity:

Next, we have a simple hat I gave as a gift:

Here is another hat completed for the Warm Hands Network Charity:

Lastly, I made a warm hat for myself (a long overdue project!):

The week ahead should find me completing a matching neck warmer to go with my hat. If there is yarn left over, I would also like to make mittens or finger-less mitts. This wool is fantastic, a lustrous long wool - Romney from Solitude Wool - and I highly recommend it. I also cast on a sweater for myself that has no pattern...just a design idea rustling around in my imagination at this point. 

In the months ahead I hope to make many articles of clothing to fill my wardrobe. Earlier this year I cleaned out my closets and parted with items that were just too worn out, too young for me, whatever did not fit well or was just out of style. Rather than go on a shopping spree (which certainly does not fit into my new plan of debt reduction) I am going to make an effort to use my stash of yarn and fabric to update what I can in my newly thinned closet.


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