WIP - December 12, 2012

'Tis the season to be jolly!

As the calendar steadily comes to a close for Two Thousand Twelve, I find myself knitting up a storm! There are only two projects in the works, but they are in my hands as much as possible. Truly I would like to finish these things to give as gifts.

Three more hats (one in progress) and one pair of socks (also in progress).

One gift in the works is the fair isle hat that started off with some trouble, it is now coming along nicely. This is being made for my seventeen year old son who walks a good distance to and from school. I hope to make a second hat, attached at the brim, to use as a liner or even finish to be a reversible hat.

Then there are the tube socks for my growing ten year old. They also started off with problems (being much too narrow)...so I frogged an entire sock and began again. Now I am a good ways along on the second one:

What is left to fly off the needles in the next 14 days when those two items are done? First, a hat for my oldest son, age 18, is a must. He wants a bias knit hat with a fold-up brim, something similar to what he saw at a Hoboken, NJ street fair. I found a pattern for one on online like this that I would do in blues and greys, omitting the contrast brim color, opting instead for a simple crocheted edging:

That will complete my immediate family's gifts, and if possible, I would make a simple hat for my husband.  If and when those are done, there are a number of other things to tackle, like a pet bed shaped like a figure eight for our two kitties. It would be perfect right on top of the radiator in the living room, where they currently fight over a cozy basket. There are plenty of friends, coworkers and extended family members who could easily be yarn-bombed by one of my creations!


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