WIP - November 29, 2012

What a productive week! Woo hoo, I finished the baby cardigan for Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief:

The fair isle hat was daunting at first, but once the color pattern was worked out in an Excel spreadsheet my mind was at ease. I finally cast on:

I also cast on a pair of tube socks for my son:

These are pretty cool. I hesitated on making my youngest boy socks because he is only ten, hard on his clothing and still growing. This pattern, however, from Nancy Bush's Knitting Vintage Socks book is called "Heelless Sleeping Socks"...in other words, tube socks! He can still grow and wear these for more than a couple of months. Hurray!

Reversing the pattern stitches the first one is coming along quickly, being a 4 stitch repeat of K3 P1 that is offset every four rows. Upon completion they simply need to be turned right side out. They are another planned Christmas gift.

My Holiday knitting is as follows:

3 more hats, (one is in progress), for a total of 4
1 more pair of socks, in progress, for a total of 3 pairs

It would have been better if I had started sooner, but it is coming along and the thought that counts. I am only knitting for my husband and three boys this year.  If the projects above get done, I will go back to knitting for Hurricane Sandy NJ Relief.

The week ahead: finish the tube socks and make steady progress on the fair isle hat.  


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