WiP - October 25, 2012

This past Saturday I landed in Dutchess County, New York, enjoying the NYS Sheep & Wool Festival, fondly referred to as "Rhinebeck". I'll be writing a separate post about the festival.

Sunday was spent recovering from all the walking I did in Rhinebeck. My legs were tender and it was delightful to relax and knit for most of the day. I was able to finish the "Cheerful Baby Bonnet" and look forward to hearing from the dad and mom when they receive my gift. The general instructions on how to make this bonnet are HERE.

The socks for my eldest son are coming along. I've turned the heel following some rather tough-to-discern instructions (at least to my understanding) and am making progress on the leg. This is the first of two giant socks...he is a size 13 shoe and the socks are about 11 and a quarter inches long!

This pattern has been modified a bit, by adding a double-strand of a contrasting color for the toe (thick and durable) and a k4 p2 ribbing along the arch of the foot area. I'm also completing the leg in k5 p2 ribbing and will have a blue cuff.

Yesterday I added to an already finished crocheted shawl. This design came from a vintage pattern I found on Google Books. The main portion is a simple mesh pattern and I used a natural brown suri alpaca for it. I did the edging in a softer alpaca/merino blend. Since completing the shawl I have wanted to crochet lengths of chain stitch to weave through the mesh, to bring the design together and add some warmth. 

Ahead for the weekend: Try and get those gigantic socks done! I also need to seriously get some swatches and charts planned for my youngest son's "ski mask" hat. He selected the yarn and filled in some boxes on knitter's graph paper for the design.


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