Hurricane Sandy - Monday, October 29, 2012 7:20 a.m.

The rain sounds with a steady tapping on the kitchen windows this morning. There is a chilly draft making its way through our bathroom as the window pane there allows for invading gusts freely. The local news forecast is dismal and foreboding. Do we have enough fresh water? What about flooding? Will my youngest son be scared today? Are my concerns causing him greater anxiety? How do you traverse the day that is slated to be unlike any other in storm history?

These questions are actually in the back of my mind. As the rest of my family is sound asleep, I am about to enjoy my second cup of coffee and get back to my usual morning routine...sipping a cup of Joe while I read my Bible and write out Scriptures of interest in a journal.  That process will, surely, leave me like it always does: with the knowledge that the very same God that brought me out of darkness and into light is in control of all things.

As the old saying goes, "Count your blessings." That is holding true for me today. Each day I receive blessings, kindness and mercy that I do not normally times of trial and adversity we want to hold on to what we have, yet each day we may not realize all the good that blankets our lives. It is this reality that helps keep me grounded. I may not understand the complexities of "bad happenings" in their long term (or eternal) sense, but I am grateful for all that I have today. Should it get swept away, I trust the Lord will see me through and show me His kindness in the midst of trouble. He always has in the past, whether or not I have looked for it.

I hope others who are in the path of Hurricane Sandy will be safe and mindful during the next 36 hours.


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