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Jenny Jump! Spiders and Centipedes, oh my!

A rustic shelter nestled in New Jersey's Jenny Jump State Forest was my home for the past two nights. This long-awaited trip came at the perfect time as Jersey City had sweltering temperatures in the forecast. While the forest was also hot, being surrounded by greenery and giant trees instead of asphalt and concrete made the heat much more bearable. I'd been looking forward to heading to a cabin since before the COVID lock-down. This past April, New Jersey's cabins and shelters opened for reservations . It turns out the shelter I rented was the oldest of the six available. While I knew they are all without electricity, I was not expecting the shelter to be as "rustic" as it turned out. There was a new picnic table and two benches inside, and obvious repairs had been made to some of the roof beams. The new wood was bright and fresh, supporting a roof that could likely use repair. The woods were damp and moist, and that moisture contributed to the decaying wood that

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